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  • Penguins are russian mention, taking over the world and always speaking about the motherland. Is that also the White knights are the ones that are OSRS gold great, and also the knights are the ones? Also, they're nameless drones plotting to do wicked and just chilling. All of the knights possess Sir name and names, what is up with that? Time to go away with those stereotypes Jagex that is ancient, it doesn't look good.

    In addition, I believe hunter and woodcutting etc should be considered. We are chopping down trees then we develop, deforrestating runescape 1 shrub. Think of the birds. Which brings me. Killing living things to skin them for their gifts, only to offer them to get worse or pocketchange, drop them. All the pets locked out and never to see the light of day. But sure, having folks being named cash clarified in a quest to be collected by Ali is by talk about overfishing of those rivers! All that fish left to rot on the ground!

    As somebody who PvM's about 80 percent of the time that I'm online, I am tired of killing innocent things. That is 2020. I have concerns about the feelings of the beasts I am only slicing through. Do they not have families? Do they not have the right? Can we eliminate combat from Runescape game entirely? I feel pressured to murder, and it weighs heavily in my conscience.It's also worth pointing out that they left Lord Daquarius (the chief of the shameful Knights) have a distinctly racist name while being dark skinned, not trendy at all Jagex and as a POC I feel personally attacked by this.

    I know this really is a shit post and all I constantly found"little folks" to be demeaning than stunt. I connect dwarves with a powerful and stoic warrior kind (at least the way they're introduced in press ) whereas small individuals just seems like we're making fun of them.

    RuneScape is why I spell on the internet

    When I was a child *, much like every other man my age in 2006, RuneScape was the hot new flavor. RuneScape was my initial"Online MultiRunescape player" adventure of any sort, and I was instantly entranced. Unsurprisingly, RuneScape was heavily laden with terrible spelling as well as the much popular 1337 talk of the age, and needless to say, I was a part of this unruly mob. I remember asking this man in the barbarian village a buy osrs gold safe few questions about where to find some thing, because RuneHQ was budding and not entirely known of. (Does anyone even still use it?)