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  • Do my auditors need formal ISO 9001 training?

    ISO 9001 training is essential for all employees of the organization. However, they all need not become experts in the standard. ISO 9001 training covers a broad range of training topics. In this article we will look at the various trainings needed and the platforms via which this can be delivered.

    What is ISO 9001? It is an internationally accepted standard that defines the requirements (framework) for quality management systems. ISO 9001 does not specifically call for training of personnel but more focuses on the competence of personnel. Competence may be achieved through training, as one avenue. Other options include on the job training and mentoring.

    ISO 9001 does require all persons working under the organizations control to be made aware of the following per clause 7.3 of the standard:

    • The quality policy
    • Relevant quality objectives
    • Benefits of conforming to the QMS
    • Implications of not conforming to the QMS

    This above awareness is generally best provided during the onboarding process. However, ISO 9001 training is often not given the importance it needs during the onboarding process because personnel are focused on other HR setup as well as stepping into their new job. Therefore, it is best if an additionally repeat training be provided a few months into the job.

    Apart from this awareness training the auditors of the system need to be trained to conduct objective and impartial audits. Most organizations require ISO 9001 training for their auditors so they have a good understanding of the requirements that they will be auditing to. This training may either be through an ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training course or an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor Training course. These auditor training courses also teach the auditing methodology to students. These training are available in both an on-site format as well as an online format. Both formats work well and it boils down to the learning preference of the student.

    ISO 9001 training is the first step towards getting competent auditors for your system. Following the training they should be assessed in conduct of an audit to determine if they have achieved the competence needed to conduct value-adding internal audits. Per Clause 7.2 of ISO 9001 organizations need to assess the effectiveness of any action taken to achieve competence.

    While the ISO 9001 training may be provided internally by an experienced auditor of the organization, training via an external organization has its benefits. External certified training providers can deliver a certified course with CEUs associated that can be used towards professional certifications. Further when taught by an external SME it provides a fresh perspective on the interpretation of the standard and its implementation. The bottom line is that ISO 9001 training is the above various formats are required for all personnel that affect the system.