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  • In addition to the FC 24 PlayStyles, there are PlayStyles+, which enhance signature abilities to a world-class standard, reflecting elite players’ abilities to reach a level few can match. As an example, think of Erling Haaland’s Power Shot.

    PlayStyles will be used across all game modes including Ultimate Team and Career Mode, and will be a new way to personalise your player in Clubs (formerly Pro Clubs).

    With the game still new to us all, finding the best FC 24 PlayStyles is a must. Fortunately, some of the more effective PlayStyles have been found. These in-game effects are noticeable compared to players who are missing them. What are the best FC 24 PlayStyles?

    When defending, the Block PlayStyles has been excellent. FC 24 Coins Your player will put themselves in the right position and stop almost everything from going past them. This is certainly one to look for in your defenders. Barcelona’s Ronald Araujo and PSG’s Presnel Kimpembe both have Block PlayStyle+.

    In possession, the passing traits are fantastic. Our pick is the Incisive Pass style as it enables greater options to create chances. Kevin De Bruyne, Bruno Fernandes, and Martin Odegaard all have the Incisive Pass PlayStyle+. As for shooting, we are yet to see a meta really take shape.

    Pace is always important in FC games. FC 24 is no different. EA Sports FC 24 Coins The Rapid PlayStyle enables you to burst past defenders and leave them in the dust. Ousmane Dembele, Rafael Leao, Fedrico Chiesa, and Lauren James are the only Gold players with this Rapid PlayStyle+.