Improve Your Ads

Ads on this website allow you to easily advertise any destination such as your Business, website, or even the content created by you on this site.

Depending on your marketing objective, you can choose which ad type, ad format and ad package is right for you. You may choose to promote your page, post, content/external site on site by creating an ad. Some ad packages will entitle you to receive a maximum number of clicks on your ad, others may entitle you to views, or days.

Choosing the URL of your Ad:

When designing your ad for your business or website, enter the web address or destination URL (e.g. : of the web page of the entity you would like to promote. People who click on your Ad will be redirected to this page.

If you choose to advertise your content on this site, then your Ad URL will automatically be the URL of your content web page. After clicking on it, users will be redirected to the content web page.

Keep in mind that when a user is viewing your ad, they will not see the URL of your site. They will only be able to see the title, ad text, and image.

Choosing the Media for your Ad:

Choose the right icon / image / video for your Ad to increase its visual appeal as it will create the first impression of your Ad, and will play the biggest role in tempting the user to click on your ad. At the same time, ensure that it is in good taste. Your ad icon may be the logo of your business or something that conveys the message of your ad campaign.

If you choose to advertise your content in the ad, then while designing the ad, the image for that content will automatically become the ad icon for the ad.

Choosing the Title of your Ad:

You may choose the Title of your Ad as your business name or a tag line for your campaign. Your title should very crisply convey your message and induce the user to read the description of the Ad and ultimately to click on the Ad URL to be redirected to your web page.

If you are advertising your content on site in your ad, then the title of the ad to be the title of that content.

Choosing the Body / Description of your Ad:

The description of the ad could be a small promotional description of your business, the latest offer that you might be having, your biggest attraction, etc. It should be something related to the Image / Video and Title that you have for your Ad.

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