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  • The preview I read was touting the sidelines as much improved

    Posted by Nanlina chen December 30, 2020 - Category: Food 790 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #Mut 21 coins 
    What exactly did 2k do? It doesn't appear much different in any way. They upgraded Kobe face but not other legends and lying around constructed from the ground. They renamed franchise style. What exactly did 2k do for Madden 21 coins new gen believe me in this looks to be everyone's sentiment. 2k did nothing but charging people twice for exact same match. I want gameplay. You can not even tell what's occurring in this trailer. Yeah mostly any madden or 2k will appear fantastic up close. Gameplay footage is going to be the real test. Don't expect tho much, as the majority of the animations seemed exactly the exact same and some things look off. WOW I was not expecting ANYTHING and that I was still disappointed wtf.

    Wait is the next gen? Looks like current xbox one. Not wanting to be a dick, but that looks like shit in comparison to that which 2k did. It is funny how bad this shit is. So with a more effective system you can't even place refs back? Jerseys still look painted onexactly the same animations... Geez man. Perhaps I am being a bit too critical, but yikes. The mouth pieces are still lacking, I saw screen shots of these and they were all wearing the exact same white ones along with other players weren't. There wasn't anything in this I don't think could happen to be done by current gen. Nah you're right. They deserve the criticism following years of poor work. An excessive amount of memory space is necessary though! Another year of owning a dead sideline. There's absolutely no justification besides laziness. Before they could blame it on console limitations but not anymore.

    They really understand how to catch that sensible playoff atmosphere. I feel this. I know it's probably dumb to most to be big on immersion but immersion is still a big key for me. To observe how 2k took steps to bring the bench, courtside, and lower bowl of a stadium to life and also compare it to the lifeless madden sidelines? I just don't get it. I do not even believe referees are back in there. I hope people are ready for the difficult realization that whatever this gen game looks like is exactly what all Maddens will look like on next gen consoles. They're not making huge improvements year annually. The only shred of trust people had was"perhaps they're saving funds to make next gen as good as you can" but it seems like they added nothing lol. Meanwhile in the year 2020, the sideline does the exact same dumbass jumping animation if another team has a favorable play.

    The preview I read was touting the sidelines as much improved. I read that too but in the trailer that was released this morning, it still looks lifeless. It's not laziness, it's greed. Instead of EA properly investing the funds needed to get Madden to become an authentic great game, they opt to line their pockets. I would like a fantastic football game to playwith, but there's ZERO fucking chance that I buy a soccer game of the quality that Madden has been for the last few decades. Bc a dead sideline is what is important!! Not gameplay!

    Why make excuses for the developers? Can PC get the following Gen upgrade? I think its dumb too lol but this is my source on it. Feels like something EA would do. Surely they will explain it someplace soon. They did the same to get FIFA 14 in 2013. The next-gen version (to be fair, it had been better for a range of reasons) was only available on PS4 and Xbox One. PC did did not see parity until the buy mut coins madden 21 subsequent year. Same ol' song and dance here. That is hilarious. The press release doesn't state that they won't.