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  • There is zero incentive to receive it with potentially

    Posted by Nanlina chen January 28, 2021 883 views - 0 comments - 0 likes - #NBA 2K MT 
    I believe this is par for the course to the 2K21 MT less popular variants of EA games, the Switch version can also be gimped right?Never played with any NBA2K match, but I've never heard a single good thing about any of these. So can not say I'm surprised tbh.I haven't bought the game since I heard I bad it had been on Stadia, however I'd have loved to.

    Would be good if email contacts have been shared, so we can coordinate a mass mailing of critics.Want to play Uno, get the deck of cards Want to play a racing game, take your car to the track Want to play a shooter game, go play paintball

    In the article description it stated,"Just asking for exactly what I paid for" and includes NBA 2k21 and 3 months of Xbox Live. It's almost like the cocky"I am supplying a service' attitude is now"please purchase this for msrp because rents due and that I blew all my money on consoles".

    Their ass is contrary to the wall. I'd provide $50 less than requesting since You Need to push there/doing them a ceremony by desolving their illiquid assets/covid fee/shipping handling/etc

    Let em all fucking starve man. There is zero incentive to receive it with potentially no return policy anyway. I would not even buy it for cheaper from them since I want these assclowns to learn a hard lesson and never scalp again.Well, if they procured their own consoles when they released, they have gotten through their 30 day return period, so that they can't return it at stores 8)

    They've only kept them too long though and outwaited the coverage due to nothing more than greed and trying to create a lot of profit.At this point they've probably had it for too long to do so, they've been trying their hardest to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins fuck individuals